Dr. Greg Pouncey was born in Enterprise, Alabama, in 1965.Following graduation from Enterprise High School, he attended Samford University where he graduated with a BA in Religion with a minor in Business.It was there that he met his future wife, Cathy Chandler Pouncey.They have been blessed with three wonderful children Andrew, age 28; Aaron, age 25; and Amy, age 20.

Dr. Pouncey received his Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1990.He subsequently received his PhD from Southwestern in 1995.His full-time pastorates have included: Daphne Baptist Church, Daphne, Alabama; Thelma Baptist Church, Wetumpka, Alabama; and First Baptist Church of Tillman’s Corner, Mobile, Alabama.Dr. Pouncey served at Daphne four years, at Thelma nine years and at FBCTC 13 years.

In addition to his pastoral duties, Dr. Pouncey has been an adjunct faculty member at Mobile University and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Extension at Auburn, Alabama.He has taught courses in Christian Ministry, Theology, Worship Leadership, New Testament Greek, and Church History.He has also written for LifeWay where his latest work, Nehemiah: Building a Life of Service, appears in the Advanced Bible Study Summer material beginning July 22, 2018.

Dr. Pouncey has been involved in service to both the Alabama Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.He has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Alabama Baptist Convention and Chair of the Committee on Boards and Commissions of the Alabama Baptist Convention.He has also served as a Trustee of Southeastern Baptist Seminary.

When asked about his ministry objective, Dr. Pouncey indicated it is, “To honor Christ by serving as the pastor of a local church that desires to love God and love people. As the pastor, I desire to lead the church with integrity to do the work of evangelism and discipleship.”


One of the recurring themes about Dr. Pouncey when discussing him with those that know him well was the word “scholarly”. When visiting with him you begin to understand why he is referred to in this way, but the power of his thoughts is displayed in a quiet, simple and unpretentious manner. Although he can discuss just about anything with anyone, you quickly understand that his heart is always moving toward a genuine yearning for the salvation of the lost and everything else is secondary.

Dr. Pouncey’s relationship with and love for his family is very special and his family’s commitment to kingdom work is unique. He and Cathy obviously love each other and the Lord, but they also work closely together as a ministry team. Both of his sons are worship leaders and his love for his grandchildren is quickly apparent, especially his grandson Luke who has already entered his heavenly home.

Dr. Pouncey has an energy level above my understanding. Almost every time we have had the opportunity to contact him, he was either working in the yard, finishing or about to begin a game of tennis, getting ready to play several games of softball, or taking some unchurched men deep sea fishing. As Cathy once told me, he never stops. I know from talking to him though as much as he enjoys these activities, his primary energies are spent in evangelism toward the lost or discipleship of Christians. As Cathy said, “He never stops.”

Initially, God used Dr. Pouncey’s handling of the Word to draw all seven of the search committee to this pastor. He is a powerful expositor of the Bible as he uses it to both nourish the hearer and provide practical application for listeners of all ages. Upon meeting him in person, we were further drawn to him as we began to see his heart for evangelism and discipleship. In these two areas he leads compassionately, intelligently, passionately and intentionally by personal example as well as the spoken word.

Dr. Pouncey has been blessed with the rare ability to relate to an exceptionally wide range of individuals both personally and through his preaching. He cares about people and that makes him an effective soul winner. His messages contain the truth of God’s grace in Jesus Christ that can be completely understood by a child. Yet, they also contain wisdom that challenges the mature Christian to become more useful in God’s kingdom work, more studious of God’s Word and more eager to share Christ with others.

I am absolutely thrilled to have Dr. Greg Pouncey come to First Baptist Church Clinton in view of a call! The Lord’s hand has been on this entire process as we’ve covered everything and moved through every step in prayer. Dr. Pouncey is an extremely humble man who preaches the Word of God with truth and accuracy that pierces the heart, challenges and moves the listener to respond. I believe that he is the man that will lead our church to continue to love each other and disciple one another, as well as challenge us to move even more beyond the walls of our church to reach the lost. I’ve also seen how he relates well to people in all walks of life. And it is my prayer that by trusting in God, we, at First Baptist Church will embrace, love and trust Dr. Pouncey to lead us to whatever work God has for His people.

Dr. Pouncey is an outstanding Word-centered preacher who communicates God’s Word simply, and effectively to all generations. He leads well by example, coming along-side the church as it serves and reaches the community for Christ. He is a visionary, seeking opportunities to share the Good News of the gospel of Christ Jesus and to equip others to do the same.

After much time spent in prayer for the man God had to lead His church, Dr. Pouncey was the man that every person on the committee felt drawn to. His sermon style was able to traverse age groups and to speak to both the believer and unbeliever alike. He was able to feed the believer while at the same time leading the unbeliever to the hope that he or she could have in Christ. I was encouraged after meeting Dr. Pouncey in person and hearing his first hand testimony to how he lives out his passion for discipleship. It was apparent to that he leads by example in the community as well as gives leadership from the pulpit. I feel blessed to have been on this journey to see God’s hand in seeing the next chapter in this church’s life unfold.