April 14 – Devotion

Date: April 14 (Good Friday)

The LORD reigns, let the earth rejoice;
let the many coastlands be glad!(Psalm 97:1, ESV)

Today’s Christian is bombarded with a mountain of bad and stressful news. Murders, robberies, terrorist acts, financial woes, poor-health issues, and strained relationships, create a pervading sense of doom and a loss of self-assurance. How did our world become such a confused and threatening place? Where do we find comfort, strength, and hope?

As bad as things seem to be, there is a positive reality far greater than the negative things discomforting us.The LORD reigns! (v. 1). The LORD, or Yahweh, is the covenant name for God. He is a personal God who loves us. His strength exceeds our greatest weaknesses. His faithfulness overthrows our fears. He is the God who wants to be on a first-name basis with us. Call him Yahweh, the LORD. We rejoice and are glad.

He reigns! His righteousness and justice are awe-inspiring and overwhelming; we cannot fully understand. He is shrouded in clouds and thick darkness (v. 2a). Therefore, we voluntarily conform our lives to His Word, righteousness. We treat all people as our equals because we are all equal in His eyes, justice (v. 2b).

He reigns! He is the undisputed, undefeated ruler of the universe. Not like Satan, that pretender to the throne, who scares us with the woes of life so that we would abandon hope and turn to his evil vices for relief and escape. The LORD reigns! He created us in His image and likeness. The omnibenevolent, omnipotent God beckons us to rejoice and be glad. Why? Because He reigns. He is in control of the very things that Satan tries to convince us are out of control.

He reigns! Therefore, the enemies of God’s people, will fail (v. 3). Those who worship false gods will be put to shame (v. 7). The avenues of escape the devil offers are really paths of death and devastation.

He reigns! Therefore, those of us who love the LORD hate evil. We know He will preserve our lives and deliver us from the wicked (v. 10). Because He reigns, He is ever moving us toward His light and joy; we are upright in heart (v. 11). We experience His love and blessings every day. We rejoice in the LORD, giving thanks to His holy name, Yahweh (v. 12).

As His people, we observe Good Friday today. We reflect somberly on our sins that nailed Him to the cross. In the midst of our despair He says, “I forgive you.” Then, He tells us to gaze again upon the One upon the cross. Remember, Jesus reigns!

Jesus reigns. Joy, gladness, rejoicing, thanksgiving…these are the tools God gives His people for spiritual growth in a hostile world. Our hope is in Him because He reigns!

Prayer for the Journey: Lord, Empower me to experience your strength when I am weak. Let my joyous response demonstrate my love and trust in you today. Enable me to walk in your righteousness and justice each day. Amen.

Prepared By: Wayne VanHorn

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  1. Christine Morrow says:

    Amen, thank you.

  2. Debbie Keen says:

    Today’s devotion is just what I needed today! Thank you, Wayne, and have a blessed Good Friday!

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