April 8 – Devotion

Date: April 8, 2017

Scripture: Psalm 91

With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation.” (Ps. 91:16, ESV)

We all long for security in one form or another. In this psalm we are told that the Lord will deliver us from the snare of the trapper. In life we leave ourselves open to many things that will do us harm as we make our way through our daily walk.

Life brings many fearful things our way in the form of surgeries and illness. In families, parents try to protect their children from illness that causes concern on the part of parents. Parents wait impatiently for word from their doctor as to a diagnosis of their child’s illness and pray that the recovery will be swift and complete.

We are promised in His word that God will protect his children and keep them under His wing. Life experiences with answered prayer give us assurance that we will be protected and kept from harm. The scripture is full of promises from God that he will keep us safe, and so many families have experienced this in their life. Godly parents are promised that the life lived by the parents will follow the children for future generations. As individuals we see this manifested in the life of the children.

As Christians we attempt to live life to its fullest with the hope that God will direct our paths daily as we live in His will and in the hope that each day will be blessed. During this special time of confession and repentance we are called to renew afresh our walk with the Lord and claim his blessings that are offered to us.

Our lives must be reviewed and reset to make our daily walk with the Lord as he directs us in the way he would have us to move in his will. Friends and family observe us and our actions through our daily walk. We are promised that he will give his angels charge over us as we live our lives in His will (v. 11). Among the many blessings God brings into the lives of his children who honor him with their lives and walk in his way is the satisfaction of long life.

Prayer for the Journey: Help me today to see your protection as I live to honor you.

Prepared by: Ernest Turcotte

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  1. Debbie Keen says:

    Thank you for today’s devotion of promises, Ernest!

  2. Paula Mann says:

    Thank you Mr Turcotte! Great devotion!

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