Bible Study Growth Groups
We believe establishing a healthy growing relationship with others is essential to our spiritual growth.  Therefore, we want everyone at First Baptist to be involved in a Bible study growth group!  Growth groups are 10-25 people that meet together every week for encouragement, studying God’s Word, and accountability.  Our growth groups are centered around a variety of topics that vary as much as the people in them.  At the heart of every topic is discovering the truth of God’s Word for everyday living.
Bottom line:  Growth groups provide you a place to connect and grow spiritually alongside others.
How do I get involved? 
Explore the list of groups available below and visit as many as you like until you find the one where you feel at home.
If you want more specific help, contact our Minister of Education, Jim Gifford ( / 601.926.9102).

8:20 Adult Growth Groups

Class – Teacher, Room

(All Ages) Singles – Bill & Margarita Stanford, A100-D
(All Ages) COED – Suzanne Smith / Ted Snazelle, Chapel
(50’s and 60’s) COED – Lamar Rutledge, B201 (Youth Yellow Room)
(60’s and 70’s) Ladies – Mary Sue Hutton, Barbara Parks, Letha Smith, A203
(60’s and 70’s) COED- Tom Taylor / Alan O’Dell, A206
(70’s and 80’s) Ladies – Jean Prather, A101-B
(70’s and 80’s) Ladies – Mittie Kay Smith / Alice Grisham, A103
(70’s and 80’s) Men – Prentiss Cox, A204
(70’s and 80’s) COED – Anthony Kay / Farrell Blankenship, A108
(80’s +) Ladies – Mary King, A107
(80’s +) Men – Sim  Worley / Paul Cassibry, A102
(80’s +) Men – Richard Lewis, A201

10:45 Adult Growth Groups

Class – Teacher, Room

(20’s and 30’s) Ladies- Pennye Dees/ Danielle Eldridge, A 105
(22-29 yrs) COED – Ron & Ann Kyzar / Jerold & Pam Meadows, C207
(20’s and 30’s) COED -Justin Jackson, A107
(30’s and 40’s) COED – Terry & Julia Blalock, A305
(30’s and 40’s) COED- Mike Pope, A206
(40’s and 50’s) Ladies- Susan Lassiter, Nelson House
(40’s and 50’s) COED- Eric Pratt, A100
(40’s and 50’s) COED- Mike McCollough, George Broadstreet, Music Suite
(40’s and 50’s) COED- Tim Lewis, Amos McCormick, A103
(50’s and 60’s) Ladies – Vicki Bond, A203
(50’s and 60’s) COED – Bill Quisenberry, Nelson House
(60’s and 70’s) COED – Gerald Hasselman, Don Wilder, A101
(60’s and 70’s) COED – Gary Bolton, A202
(Multigenerational) Men – Paul Campbell, A204
(Multigenerational) Ladies – Brenda Holloway, A106
(Multigenerational) COED – J. Dodd Brooks, A108
(Deaf Ministry) COED – Tommy Leavelle, Education Office