March 13 – Devotion

Date: March 13, 2017

Scripture: Psalm 65

You visit the earth and water it; you greatly enrich it; the river of God is full of water; you provide their grain, for so you have prepared it. Psalm 65:9

It’s always been easy for me to stop and see the beauty in God’s creation. At my age, it can be easy to appreciate the good things in life if you don’t have anything to worry about, and up to this point I haven’t truly had many things to “worry” about. My grades are important and the people in my life are important, but I wouldn’t say I deal with worry. I would say I deal with being a busy-body. I selfishly keep myself occupied so that I won’t have to deal with thinking too deeply.

This scripture calls me to think of more than just myself. It calls me to think of the history surrounding these verses, the blessing of the redemption and forgiveness God has given and still gives to his people. It calls me to think of God’s greatness–more than just how beautiful he made the earth to be. The verses call me to remember how God designed the earth on which we live to provide what we need for life, including beauty. I read these verses, and I am taken back by how clear God makes it that he wants us to grasp his power.

Thankfully, I can still say that it is easy for me to be enthralled by God and his creation. Even amidst my busy-ness I want to stop, I want to watch the sun set and rise. Yet now I find myself wondering if maybe I am still thinking like a child, choosing to believe that God is great in power, but only admiring it from a distance. I think these truths challenge me to stop only admiring His beauty and to admire His greatness, admire His control, admire His patience, admire the people he strategically places in our lives, and the circumstances we face along with the lessons we learn. He is much greater than just beauty, but in all these things there is beauty. I am challenged to learn why these people in the Bible are important, why God chose them, and why He chose us to be where we are now.

God enriches our lives, so that we may enrich the Kingdom of Heaven.

Prayer for the Journey: As I enjoy your grandeur and beauty, help me to reflect as well on your redemption, your provision, and your power.

Prepared by: Colby Brumfield

6 Responses to “March 13 – Devotion”

  1. Tappy Murray says:

    What a reminder to be aware of God’s sustaining power in nature’s beauty and in my life. Thanks.

  2. Debbie Keen says:

    Thank you, Colby, for this challenging devotion!

  3. Bob Mohr says:

    What a great devotion this morn. Thank you so very much Colby. I love the sunrise when the world wakes up!! Blessings.

  4. Marlene Amick says:

    God’s beautiful world leads me into deeper thoughts of praising Him for life and salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you, Colby

  5. Sandra Mohr says:

    Thank you sweet Colby……this really touched my heart this morning!!

  6. Gloria laird says:

    What a great devotion

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