March 20 – Devotion

Date: March 20, 2017

Scripture: Ezekiel 41-42

And the man said to me, “Son of man, look with your eyes, and hear with your ears, and set your heart upon all that I shall show you, for you were brought here in order that I might show it to you. Declare all that you see to the house of Israel.”

For a number of years I was blessed with the opportunity to lead college mission trips to Paris, France. We were given the task of developing relationships with the Muslim people groups through community sports camps, coffee shop gatherings, street art, and any creative idea the students could envision. Being in Paris was amazing, and on every trip we took a few days to enjoy the culture and be tourists.

On their free days the students would rush to the Eiffel Tower, head to the Arc de Triomphe, visit Notre Dame, and tour the Sacrè Coeur. A quick glimpse of each of these landmarks seemed to satisfy the students, but something was amiss. I could not fathom how their curiosity and interest were so easily quelled by glancing at these structures. On one of our trips, the students had been given six hours to explore the Musée du Louvre. The Louvre is one of the world’s most extraordinary museums. It houses the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and tens of thousands of incredible works of art. I sat in the snack bar to go over the rest of our itinerary, and within forty-five minutes, six students were back, telling me that they had seen everything and were ready to go. I was perplexed and amused.

Within forty-five minutes the students had experienced one of the world’s largest collections of art and were ready to leave. Contrast their experience with Ezekiel’s in today’s readings. Ezekiel was led by the Lord into a vision of the Temple the Lord would build. The Lord allowed Ezekiel to examine the specifics of each room, see the walls and chambers being measured, and observe the intricacies of the carvings and items which adorned the rooms. With each step and movement, Ezekiel was drawn closer to the Holy Place, and from the Holy Place he was taken to the outer courts.

Ezekiel was provided a picture of the perfected temple. He was given the exact measurements and was able to explore the dimensions of a coming reality. His vision was not a quick glimpse into the future. He was treated to an intimate inspection of the place where the Lord was to dwell and was exposed to the purpose behind the elements and artifacts.

At first glance, these chapters read more like instructions or blueprints for a building than a grand invitation to experience the glory of the Lord, but with each step and pull of the measuring tape, the intricate, the incredible, and the intimate opportunity afforded Ezekiel allowed him to gaze at the glorious nature of the Lord’s creative construction.

The Lord revealed Himself with such specificity and exacting standards because He wants us to know Him. Unlike the students racing through Paris to catch only a glimpse of the structures or to quickly glance at a painting or sculpture, the Lord beckons us to gaze on Him and search diligently for His glory and strive to grasp the wonder of His standards and His excellence.

Don’t settle for a glimpse of His glory. Don’t quickly glance in the Lord’s direction. Draw close to Him through reading His word and sitting before Him in prayer, reflection, and contemplation.

Prayer for the Journey: Lord, allow me to fix my eyes on you and take in your glory and majesty. Help me not to be satisfied with a quick glimpse or glance in your direction when you invite me to gaze upon you and dwell with you.

Prepared By: Eric E. Pratt

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  2. Marlie Lawrence says:

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  3. Debbie Keen says:

    Wow! Eric, this is one powerful devotion! Thank you for sharing how God has worked through His Word in your life and challenging me.

  4. Joanie Winborne says:

    Awesome – great insight & challenge!

  5. Amy Henry says:

    I am so guilty of only glimpsing what the Lord is trying to show me while I’m so caught up in daily tasks. Thank you for this reminder to take it all in.

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