March 5 – Devotion

Date: March 5, 2017

Scripture: Psalm 57

I cry out to God Most High,
to God who fulfills his purpose for me. (Ps. 57:2, ESV)

The context of Psalm 57 centers around David’s experience in the cave hiding from King Saul. I can only imagine the emotions that David must have felt as the king and his men were chasing him. Then, all of the sudden, a dramatic turn of events occurred when King Saul came deep into the cave where David was hiding. In the darkness, David had the opportunity to take matters into his own hands and kill King Saul. His decision to simply cut a piece of fabric from Saul’s robe honored God by respecting the anointed position of the king.

The psalm begins with the raw emotion of this crazy life circumstance in which David finds himself, but a dramatic transition from lament to praise occurs between verses 6 and 7. This psalm, which reads like a prayer, is a great example of what happens when we express ourselves to God in an open and honest way. Through prayer, our hearts become more like his. We are compelled to praise him in all circumstances. Our natural desire to take matters into our own hands transitions to a feeling of peace as we acknowledge God’s will and submit to it.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by life and simply felt like complaining in frustration? There are certainly times when we feel every right to mope and complain. We might even be encouraged by those around us to throw a beautiful pity party for ourselves. Let this psalm be a reminder to cry out to God. As you do, you will likely experience a sense of comfort and peace that goes beyond all human understanding (Philippians 4:7). In the middle of the storms of life, you will be able to praise God for His love and faithfulness.

Prayer for the Journey: God, remind me today that even in the craziness of life, you are in control. Soften my heart so that I might better reflect your love and grace to the world around me. As the storms of life come, help me to trust in you rather than take matters into my own hands.

Prepared by Kenny Stanteen

8 Responses to “March 5 – Devotion”

  1. Jim G says:

    Great reminder of God’s faithfulness. Thanks Kenny.

  2. Debbie Keen says:

    Thank you, Kenny! A beautiful devotion to start this Sunday!

  3. Daphne McLaurin says:

    Have been amazed that each day’s devotional addresses a struggle common to us all. God bless you.

  4. Glenna Pearson says:

    One of my favorite scriptures to turn to when another storm hits is “I will hide beneath the shadow of Your wings until this storm is past” Living near the Miss. coast for many years I have gone through many earthly storms, but the emotional storms that have hit the last few years makes me appreciate my true Hiding Place to a much greater degree. Thank you, Kenny

  5. Carole Kelly says:

    The prayer message you’ve shared in this devotional and the prayer sermon at the evening service have contributed to powerful praise thoughts this Sunday. These, along with the morning message on Luke 5’s helpful friends or ’tile removers,’ have made March 5 a very special Sunday.

  6. Bob Mohr says:

    Thank you for this message. It is what I needed today. It has been a roller coaster ride in our family the last few weeks. Perfect timing and again I thank you. Blessings, Bob and Sandra.

  7. Tappy Murray says:

    During Lent, it is such a good time to be reminded of god’s presence in my daily life.

  8. Marlene Amick says:

    Kenny, thank you for such a powerful reminder that God is in control of difficult circumstances in our lives. Thank you for your service to the Lord. I appreciate all you do for our Youth, as well as all other age groups in our Church.

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